Virtual Reality Laboratory

Virtual Reality laboratory at KTmfk

VR-Labor1.jpgThe KTmfk is equipped with a passive stereoscopic Powerwall system from 3Dims. To create the stereoscopic image, images from two projectors with linear polarization filters are projected onto a 3.40 m x 2.12 m rear projection screen via a mirror. The visual output is calculated in a computer cluster consisting of one control computer and two graphics computers. An optical tracking system from Advanced Realtime Tracking is used to accurately track the movements of users and input devices in the room. By using four cameras, the user can move freely and use the entire available space in the VR laboratory.
In addition, the laboratory is equipped with VR glasses, depth cameras and various tracking sensors.

At KTmfk, for example, the development of test rigs is supported by regular discussions of the design within the framework of design reviews on the Powerwall. Solutions to problems are worked out and discussed together.
The laboratory can be rented by interested parties from the industrial environment, e.g. to conduct design reviews, for ergonomics studies or for the analysis of simulation results.