Additive Manufacturing Laboratory

Additive Manufacturing Laboratory at KTmfk

In recent years, Additive Manufacturing has developed from an interesting but inefficient technology to one of the most promising key technologies in modern manufacturing. The various manufacturing processes show their strengths especially in the manufacture of individualized parts with complex geometries and internal structures at batch size-independent manufacturing costs. Due to its great potential, Additive Manufacturing is an integral part of the current research activities at the KTmfk and is profitably used in various research projects for the Rapid Prototyping, Rapid Tooling and Rapid Manufacturing.

Stratasys F370

The Fused Layer Modeling (FLM)-printer Stratasys F370 with its closed chamber and stable process control enables the production of high-quality components from high strength and flexible materials such as ABS, ASA or TPU. The support structures, which are necessary to realize overhangs and undercuts, are printed from water-soluble support material, so that they don’t have to be mechanically removed. Instead, they are subsequently removed at temperatures between 50 – 80 °C in the cleaning apparatus SCA 3600. Thus, this enables the production of entire, as-built assemblies in one single manufacturing step.