The equipment is assigned to the individual research groups. Click on one of our equipment for further information.

Virtual product development and design methodology

Virtual reality system

Powerwall by ICIDO
3D passive-stereo powerwall by 3dims


3D-Drucker F370 by Stratasys
3D-Printer Raise3D Pro2 Plus by Raise3D
Auswaschstation SCA 3600 HAT by PADT

Virtual reality system

Camara system GOM ATOS 12M

Machine elements and tribology

Coating system

PVD-/PACVD-coating system TT 300-K4 by H-O-T
Mass spectrometer QMG 220 M2 by PFEIFFER

Devices for mechanical-physical surface- and coating characterization

indentation measuring device PICODENTOR HM500 by FISCHER
Hardness tester DuraJet 10G5 by EMCO-TEST Prüfmaschinen GmbH
Scratch tester RTG-2, own construction
Spherical grinding device KSG-2, own construction
Impact-tester IT-1000/100, own construction
Contact angle measuring system G10 by KRÜSS
X-ray diffractometer Stress Analyser XRD 3003 by SEIFERT

Tactile and optical surface measurement devices

Surface profiler PERTHOMETER S3P by MAHR
Surface profiler SURFTEST SJ-210 by MITUTOYO, with tripod
Material microscope LEICA DM4000 M by LEICA
Zoom-stereo-optical microscope MZ8 by LEICA
Zoom-stereo-optical microscope M3C by WILD
Confocale white light microscope μ-surf by NANOFOCUS
Laserscanning-microscope VK-X200 by KEYENCE

Devices for testing lubricants

Rotational viscosimeter PK 100 by HAAKE
Drop penetrometer FPe, own construction


Analytical balance BP 210 D by SARTORIUS
Table scale ACCURAT 2000 by WEDO
Precision scale EMB 600-2 by KERN & SOHN

Devices for sample preparation and storage

Grinding and polishing device SAPHIR 250/RUBIN 250 by ATM
Fume hood 2-447C by KÖTTERMANN
Vacuum drying cabinet VD 53 by BINDER
Blasting cabin 4055 by RADLER & RUF

Devices for tribological surface- and coating characterization

Pin-on-disk-tribometer SST-1, own construction
Climatic pin-on-disc-tribometer K-SST, own construction
with climatic chamber KPK 200 by FEUTRON
High temperature vacuum pin-on-disk tribometer HTV-SST, own construction
Loadscanner TE.69 by PLINT
Disc-on-disc-/pin-on-disc-tribometer TRM 1000 by WAZAU

Component test rigs

Rolling bearing vibration test rig SPS-NG, own construction
Rolling bearing friction test rig WRP, own construction
Rolling bearing centrifuge test rig WSP, own construction
Rolling bearing system test rig SPW, own construction
Bucket tappet friction test rig TSRP, own construction
Bucket tappet wear test rig TSVP, own construction

Lightweight design

Drop tower

Drop tower FT SFB396

Servo-hydraulic test rigs

High-speed test rig HTM 5020 by ZWICK/ROELL
Servo-hydraulic pulser HCT25 by ZWICK/ROELL
Temperature chamber ETE 70.150.135.C by WEISS

Component test rigs

Stiffness test rig – “Bärenfels”, own construction

High-speed camera system

High-speed camera system ARAMIS 3D HHS by GOM