KTmfk presents the advantages of coated endoprostheses in the “2 Minuten Wissen (2 Minutes of Knowledge)” video series

Benedict Rothammer

Last year, filming was in progress at KTmfk for the exciting video series “2 Minuten Wissen (2 Minutes of Knowledge)”. The series presents interesting projects and research areas from the field of engineering in which students and researchers work hand in hand. In the recently released episode, B. Rothammer explains what a knee arthroplasty is, what problems arthroplasties can cause in the body, and what is being done to address these problems by using coatings. During a gait cycle, millions of microscopic polymer particles and ions are released, which lead to bone-degrading processes, resulting in prosthesis loosening and severe pain. Wear-resistant coatings can be used to reduce the release of particles and ions, significantly improving prosthesis longevity and quality of life. The video can be found on the FAU Youtube portal HERE.